The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes (Vols. 1 & 2)

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Published by: W. W. Norton & Company
Release Date: November 17, 2004
Pages: 1700
ISBN13: 978-0393059168

The Complete Short Stories


This monumental edition promises to be the most important new contribution to Sherlock Holmes literature since William Baring-Gould’s 1967 classic work. In this boxed set, Leslie Klinger, a leading world authority, reassembles Arthur Conan Doyle’s 56 classic short stories in the order in which they appeared in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century book editions. Inside, readers will find a cornucopia of insights: beginners will benefit from Klinger’s insightful biographies of Holmes, Watson, and Conan Doyle; history lovers will revel in the wealth of Victorian literary and cultural details; Sherlockian fanatics will puzzle over tantalizing new theories; art lovers will thrill to the 800-plus illustrations, which make this the most lavishly illustrated edition of the Holmes tales ever produced. The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes illuminates the timeless genius of Arthur Conan Doyle for an entirely new generation of readers.



Volume 1: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Volume 2: The Return of Sherlock Holmes, His Last Bow and The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes


“Sherlockian commentary is both a science and an art, demanding on the one hand a prodigious knowledge of a thousand disparate subjects and on the other hand a degree of wit and humor to ease its presentation. Leslie Klinger’s The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes reveals a writer rich in both requirements, producing a work both entertaining and informative.”
—Laurie R. King, author of the best-selling Mary Russell series

“No Sherlockian, here or around the world, can fail to be overwhelmed and overjoyed by Leslie Klinger’s annotated edition of Watson’s collection of Holmes’s most colorful cases. The books’ more than two thousand notes are awesome in their scope and erudition. Their hundreds of illustrations alone are worth the books’ price… a marvelous milestone in Sherlockian criticism.”
—Martin Gardner, editor of The Annotated Alice 

“This is what we have been waiting for: all the Sherlock Holmes stories with the most learned, interesting, revelatory annotations possible. The task will never be performed better, and in fact, need never be done be again. An indispensable set.”
—Peter Straub

“There is no better guide to this seriously playful detective work than Leslie Klinger and The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes.”
—Michael Dirda


The annotations cover a wide range of topics, from Victorian glossary to cultural history, enlightening the text. The volumes also include the spectrum of commentary and debate on classic Sherlockian topics as well as original commentary by the editor.


It’s Elementary: An Annotated Sherlock Holmes
NPR (audio) – Washington, D.C., USA

In the year of the famed sleuth’s 150th birthday, Norton has published a definitive edition of the Holmes canon: The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Short Stories. NPR’s Liane Hansen talks to Leslie Klinger, editor of the huge two-volume set.

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TABLE OF MAJOR EVENTS: Life and Times of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, John H. Watson, M.D., Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Other Notable Personages

Vol. 3