Errata, The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes (Vols. 1 & 2)

Vol. 1

p. xvii, note 1, sixth line—“those things,” not “the things”
p. xxxi, line 10—1908, not 1905
p. xxxi, line 14—“Sidney,” not “Sydney”
p. xliv—the first word of the second line should be “deficiencies,” not “defects”
p. liii—last line, and note 34–“Brook,” not “Brooks”
p. 17, note 42—“Forsyte,” not “Forsythe”
p. 29, note 71, line 9—“Arthur Wing Pinero,” not “Arturo Pinero”
p. 33, line 10—“Edgware,” not “Edgeware”
p. 100, note 50—“8 B.C.,” not “68 B.C.”
p. 104, note 12—“Wordsworth,” not “Keats”
p. 108, note 19—“May 19, 1995,” not “May 19, 1996”
p. 114, note 30—“Schweickert,” not “Schweikert”
p. 128, line 9—“blue,” not “‘The Blue Carbuncle’”
p. 185, note 34, line 23—“collection of letters,” not “novel”
p. 210, note 33—in lines 11 and 15, “Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell,” not “Virginia and Vanessa Woolf,” and in line 25, “Vanessa Bell,” not “Vanessa Woolf”
p. 232, note 9—“Berks,” not “the Berks”
p. 273, note 21—“Surrey and Yorkshire in England and Morayshire in Scotland,” not “Surrey, Yorkshire, and Morayshire”
p. 278, note 24—“Dominique,” not “Dominque”
p. 293, note 8—“Debrett,” not “DeBrett”
p. 294, note 9—“troops,” not “trooops”
p. 306, note 35—add after the second sentence “The statue has since been moved to the Embankment.”
p. 319, note 3—add “Passengers has also been used to mean ‘pedestrians.’”
p. 320, 1 paragraph, last sentence—“he,” not “be”st
p. 326, note 14—“Wedgwood,” not “Wedgewood”
p. 431, note 17—“prosecution,” not “defence”
p. 437, note 21—“Holmes’s grandson,” not “Holmes himself”
p. 501, note 1—“April 1893,” not “February 1893”
p. 515, note 27—“mentioned in,” not “carrying the Klansmen”
p. 521, note 38—add after first sentence “or southwest to Rio, southeast to Cape Town, and around Cape of Good Hope.”
p. 526, note 48—“Bathurst,” not “Bathhurst” (“Ballarat” in first printing)
p. 616, note 13—“1867,” not “1857”
p. 716, note 7—“compressed,” not “condensed”
p. 732, note 27—“sentences,” not “sentence”
p. 737, note 40—“Robert Koch,” not “Robert Knox”
p. 751, fourth column, 1844—“Sarah Bernhardt born” should be in fifth column
p. 753, sixth column, 1857—should be “Laying of transatlantic cable commences,” not “Transatlantic cable commenced.”
p. 754, fifth column, 1861—should be “Alexander II emancipates Russian serfs,” not “Emancipation of Russian serfs.”
p. 754, sixth column, 1861—delete “Birth of Henry Ford.”
p. 754, fourth column, 1862—“Sarah Bernhardt debuts in Paris” should be in fifth column
p. 755, sixth column, 1863—add “Birth of Henry Ford.”
p. 756, fourth column, 1868—delete “Birth of Neville Chamberlain.”
p. 756, sixth column, 1868—delete “Birth of Mahatma Ghandhi.”
p. 756, fourth column, 1869—add “Birth of Neville Chamberlain.”
p. 756, sixth column, 1869—add “Birth of Mahatma Ghandhi.”
p. 757, fourth column, 1873—delete “Mass production of the typewriter begins.”
p. 760, sixth column, 1883—add “expand” after “French”
p. 762, first column, 1889—add “‘The Hound of the Baskervilles,’* ‘The Crooked Man’”
p. 762, sixth column, 1889—should be “Strowger files for patent for,” not “Strowger patents”
p. 762, sixth column, 1889—delete “Second International Franco-Russian alliance.”
p. 763, sixth column, 1890—delete “Utah legislature bans polygyny.”
p. 763, fifth column, 1891—add “Death of Parnell, leader of Irish Home Rule.”
p. 763, sixth column, 1891—add “almost” before “10,000”
p. 764, fourth column, 1892—delete “Kipling writes of ‘white man’s burden.’”
p. 764, sixth column, 1892—add “Utah Constitution bans polygyny.”
p. 764, sixth column, 1893—add “Second International Frano-Russian alliance signed.”
p. 765, fourth column, 1894—delete “Gladstone dies in office.”
p. 765, sixth column, 1894—add “Sino-Japanese War commences.”
p. 765, fifth column, 1895—delete “Death of Parnell, leader of Irish Home Rule.”
p. 766, fourth column, 1898—add “Gladstone dies.”
p. 767, fourth column, 1899—add “Kipling writes of ‘white man’s burden.’”
p. 770, fourth column, 1906, should be “proposed by Lloyd George,” not “commence.”
p. 773, third column, 1918—should be “pneumonia,” not “combat wounds.”
p. 773, sixth column, 1918—delete “Peace of Versailles.”
p. 774, fourth column, 1921—delete “Irish Free State. BBC founded.”
p. 775, fourth column, 1922—add “Irish Free State. BBC founded.”
p. 773, fifth column, 1923—should be “near-four-minute,” not “four-minute”
p. 776, fourth column, 1929—should be “MacDonald,” not “Baldwin”
p. 812, note 65—should be “Grand Cross,” not “Grand Gross”

Vol. 2

p. 895—photo source should be “Frederic Dorr Steele, Collier’s, 1903”
p. 933, note 3: The first sentence should be “This case is mentioned in “The Blanched Soldier” but the latter strangely refers to the ‘Abbey School’ and ‘the Duke of Greyminster.'” The following should appear at the end of the note: “This is further evidence that Watson, not Holmes, actually wrote ‘The Blanched Soldier.’ See p. 1482, note 2, for an extended discussion of the authorship.”
p. 995, paragraph 2, last line but one: The words “walk down” are erroneously repeated.
p. 1040, note 15—“Kentish Town,” not “Kentishtown”
p. 1093, note 4, third paragraph—“‘The Empty House,’” not “‘The Final Problem’”
p. 1103, note 11—“1905,” not “1904”
p. 1120, note 20—the phrase “was not taken it by it” should be “was not taken in by it”
p. 1189, fourth line of intro.—the third sentence should be “(For one thing, one may search in vain for mention of Fritz von Waldbaum or Monsieur Dubuque.)”, not “(For one thing, the former…)”
p. 1189, twelfth line of intro.—should be “reported by Watson before his announcement of Holmes’s retirement,” not “handled by Holmes”
p. 1233, note 6—“Walter,” not “Walker”
p. 1286, note 17—“private eye,” not “public eye”
p. 1305, paragraph 3, line 2: “Woolwich Arsenal,” not “Woolwich. Arsenal”
p. 1334—“Lord Garnet Joseph Wolseley,” not “Lord Farnet Joseph Wolseley”
p. 1341, second line of intro.—“1891,” not “1894”
p. 1427, note 9—“Zeeland,” not “Veeland”
p. 1443, line 16: “joining up,” not “joining us”
p. 1460, note 22—“Holmes,” not “Gruner”
p. 1468, photo caption—“Charing Cross Hotel and Station,” not “Grand Hotel and Charing Cross Station”
p. 1475, 2 full paragraph —“seventh,” not “seventeenth”
p. 1480, note 53—“Sherlock and the Ladies,” not “Sherlock Holmes and the Ladies,” and “good,” not “go–od”
p. 1482, 1st paragraph–“modesty,” not “honesty
p. 1534, note 1—“October 1926,” not “October 1920”
p. 1506, note 28—“Bloemfontein,” not “Cape Town”
p. 1525, 3 paragraph—“sallow,” not “shallow”rd
p. 1604, note 10—“Mrs. Hudson,” not “Mrs. Holmes”
p. 1664, note 28—“Alice,” not “Alicia”
p. 1671, note 9—add inside the parentheses “and never enters a periodic pattern”. Add at the end: “More technically, a number which cannot be expressed as a/b, where a and b are integers.”
p. 1708, note 3—“fourth century,” not “fourteenth century”
p. 1778—“Torrese,” not “Torese”
p. 1838—“Torrese,” not “Torese”
Note: Throughout the first two volumes (first printing), the first name of “Frederic Dorr Steele” is inadvertently given as “Frederick”.

Vol. 3 Errata

Black errata have been corrected in the second printing; red errata have been corrected in the third printing. Blue errata remain to be corrected in a subsequent printing. (Download the PDF to see the color coded text.)