It’s Alive!

I’m really delighted to have signed a contract today with W. W. Norton’s new imprint Liveright Publishing for another book. I’ve been hoping for some time that I’d get to complete the trifecta of great Victorian icons and annotate Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s classic Frankenstein, and now it’s here! The New Annotated Frankenstein will appear in October 2017, just in time for the 200th anniversary of first publication of the book. I hope to give this seminal work of horror the same in-depth treatment that I provided for Dracula and the stories of H. P. Lovecraft. My only disappointment: I had hoped to travel to England in the name of research and spend some time at the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford examining the manuscripts. That justification disappeared, however, when the digitized manuscripts went up online at the Shelley-Godwin Archive (! Now my research may be homebound! Seriously, I couldn’t be happier about doing another book with the Norton folks, especially my long-time editor/friend Robert Weil, who first took a chance on me for The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes. It’s always a joy to work with people who love books and take such pride in their productions. I’ll keep y’all posted!

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