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Archive for June 2014

My Writing Life–So Far

I had a sobering thought this morning, confirmed by a quick check of the c.v. that I egotistically keep up to date (and have never published): My first piece of non-legal writing, an article on Sherlock Holmes and wine, appeared in the Baker Street Journal in June 1994, 20 years ago. There are 24 completed…

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Sherlock is Free–At Long Last!

With remarkable speed, the Seventh Circuit issued its opinion today, upholding the ruling of the District Court in our favor in Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd. The opinion itself can be found on the website. The results are: (a) Our new book, In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, will come out in November…

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A Writing Day

Yesterday was a joyful day as I returned to work on The New Annotated Frankenstein. I know that it’s not due to be turned in until June 2016, but I have no other active projects as the moment: In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, the new anthology with Laurie R. King, has gone off to…

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