Sherlock on PBS

Sunday night I was in New York, and PBS had invited me to post “tweetnotes” on Twitter during the 10 pm broadcast of “Sherlock” on PBS. I managed 68 comments over the hour-and-a-half and wished I could type faster–there are so many “Easter eggs” embedded in the script for the Sherlockian viewers. If you missed them, you can search for my handle, @lklinger.

Next week, I’ll be posting during the West Coast feed, 3 hours later, so I can read ahead of time the comments by other folks. Maybe that way, I’ll avoid howlers like my comment that the Underground only is mentioned in “The Beryl Coronet.” Of course it is mentioned in numerous other stories, like “The Bruce-Partington Plans,” in which it features as the means of disposal of a corpse! What I MEANT to say was that Holmes and Watson only use the Underground in one story, “The Red-Headed League,” but that’s the risk of commenting without any reference books at hand! I’ll try to do better next week, folks!

Do tune in–and join the conversation, with the hashtag #SherlockPBS. Of course, some of you may find it really annoying to have someone talking in your ear while you’re trying to watch the show, so you may want to read the comments afterwards. I promise that there will be no spoilers, except as already published in the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle!

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