Errata, The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes (Vol. 3)

Errata Volumes 1 & 2

Vol. 3

Dustjacket illustration credit—“Black Peter,” not “The Empty House” and “1904,” not “1903”
p. 11—photo source should be “‘Saving the Guns at Maiwand,’ by G. D. Giles”
p. 30, line 8—“poisoner,” not “posioner”
p. 64, note 116—“There is no Kennington Park Gate in London. Kennington Park is located at the intersection of Kennington Park Road and Camberwell New Road, and an Audley Square does exist, though far removed from Kennington.” should be “There is no longer a Kennington Park Gate in London. It stood at the southwest corner of Kennington Park (the Park is at the intersection of Kennington Park Road and Camberwell New Road) and was decommissioned in 1865. However, the name persists for the area.”
p. 81, note 145—“The Red Circle,” not “The Red-Headed League”
p. 150, note 221, 2 para., lines 7-8—“fifth-born,” not “first-born”
p. 294, note 9—“troops,” not “troops”
p. 320, 1 para., last sentence—“he,” not “be”
p. 365, line 1—“self,” not “s+elf”
p. 401, line 5—“ban,” not “band”
p. 471, line 10: “then,” not “than”
p. 496, line 7: “is a heavy,” not “is heavy”
p. 513, line 23: “through,” not “though”
p. 530, 4 para.—“Frankland’s,” not “Franklin’s”
p. 537, note 159: Note should follow “bachelor’s house?,’” not “get there?’” and read: “This and the preceding sentence…”
p. 543, 7 para.—“would be likely,” not “would likely”
p. 556, 6 para.—“violet sky,” not “violent sky”
p. 588, line 17: “gave,” not “have”
p. 594, line 4: “red,” not “read”
p. 670, para. 1, line 8—“bandy,” not “handy”
p. 691, para. 7, line 5—closing double-quotes missing
p. 702, note 71, line 14 (2 para. of indented text)—“are,” not “ae”
p. 791, 6 para. of text, line 2—“We’ll look after ours.”, not “We’ll look after own.”
p. 841, boxed text, left column, fifth box, 2 line—closing parenthesis missing after “McMurdo”
p. 847 et seq.—see changes to vol. 1, pp. 751 to 756, supra.

Black errata have been corrected in the second printing; red errata have been corrected in the third printing. Blue errata remain to be corrected in a subsequent printing. (Download the PDF to see the color coded text.)