Other Writings

Other writings by Leslie S. Klinger:

Contemplating “The Naval Treaty”: From Prussia With Love (reprinted from the “Musgrave Papers”) Read

Art in Whose Blood? (reprinted from “The Ritual”) Read

Years of Mystery: A Speculation (reprinted from “The Cormorant’s Ring”) Read

Lost in Lassus: The Missing Monograph  (an excerpt from the newly-annotated His Last Bow) Read

What Game is Afoot in “The Red-Headed League”? (co-authored with bridge expert Tim Bourke and reprinted from “The Sherlock Holmes Journal”) Read

In Search of Sherlock Holmes on the Screen (reprinted from the “Baker Street Journal”) Read

Table of Major Events in the Lives of Sherlock Holmes, Esq., John H. Watson, M.D., Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Other Notable Personages Read

Excerpt from The Sign of Four, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (sixth volume of the “Sherlock Holmes Reference Library” published by Gasogene Books in 2004) Read