Errata, The New Annotated Dracula

p. xxx, illustration caption “D. M. Friston” should be “D. H. Friston”
p. xxxi, top illustration caption Ingrid Pitt (who played Mircalla Karnstein in The Vampire Lovers, Hammer Film Productions, 1970), shown here as Carla Lynde in The House That Dripped Blood (Amicus Productions, 1971)
p. xlix, note 30 Delete the parenthetical sentence beginning “(Dalby reportedly owns…” Mr. Dalby denies this report.
p. xxx,viii, para. 3, line 13 “in the 1860’s” should be “in the 1860’s and 1870’s”
p. 70, note 28 “Radu Tepes” should be “Radu the Handsome”
p. 70, note 29 “Vlad III” should be “Vlad II”
p. 224, note 1 “Harker” should be “Seward”
p. 310, note 24 Delete the sentence beginning “Buffylore…” and substitute “Buffy lore follows this model. In the opening episode, it is explained that there must be an exchange of fluids between the vampire and victim to cause ‘turning.’ However, whether due to network standards or a deeper understanding, no such exchanges are ever depicted onscreen. This lore is confirmed in a later episode, ‘Graduation Day, Part Two,’ when the ensouled vampire Angel, who has fed on Buffy’s blood, assures her friend Willow that she won’t ‘turn’ because she didn’t drink his blood.”
p. 562, note 22 The phrase “Gothic log” should be “Gothic logo.”
p. 574, note 14 “UC Sunnydale, a fictional campus of the University of California” not “Sunnydale Community College”

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