The Annotated Sandman (Vol. 1)

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Published by: Vertigo
Release Date: January 10, 2012
Pages: 560
ISBN13: 978-1401233327


Meet the Endless, a family of immortals that govern all aspects of life and death throughout the universe. However, one of their own lays captured—Dream, the Lord of Sleep. As Dream makes his escape and returns to his duties after 70 years of imprisonment, he encounters countless characters from myth, legend and comics, from Lucifer himself to the tragic Greek hero Orpheus to the HELLBLAZER John Constantine.

New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman’s transcendent series Sandman is often hailed as the definitive Vertigo title and one of the finest achievements in graphic storytelling. Gaiman created an unforgettable tale of the forces that exist beyond life and death by weaving ancient mythology, folklore and fairytales with his own distinct narrative vision.


The annotations cover a wide range of topics, from glossary to cultural history, from pop culture to world mythology, enlightening the text. The volumes draw heavily on the original scripts for the stories, provided by Gaiman to the editor for this purpose, and hours of conversations with Gaiman. The volumes also include a detailed index to the hundreds of characters, a chronology of the interweaving stories, and an extensive bibliography of the original stories as well as the reference materials used by Gaiman and the editor.

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