Haunted Library of Horror Classics

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Series Overview

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) and Poisoned Pen Press, an imprint of SourceBooks, present the Haunted Library of Horror Classics, a line of reissued classic horror literature books from over the past 250 years. These books are recognized as literary masterpieces of their era that are either remembered today only through distorted theatrical or movie versions, or have been relegated to academic study, or have otherwise been nearly forgotten entirely.

Series editors Eric J. Guignard and Leslie S. Klinger now bring back these seminal titles of the genre, making them easily available to modern readers!

The Haunted Library of Horror Classics editions are quality trade paperbacks (and ebooks), carefully curated to follow the definitive text of the original publications, while being presented at reasonable prices for a mass market.

Each volume of this series also includes:

• introduction by a renowned contemporary horror writer, editor, or scholar

• annotations and/or endnotes to define or give context to obscure words and phrases

• a teacher’s guide of discussion questions for classroom use

• an author biography

• a list of similar titles for suggested further reading

• …and more!

Enjoy each volume, and build your own collection of the Haunted Library of Horror Classics!



“…favorite fiction to transport readers out of the terrors of the present and thrust back in time.”
NY Times

“Modern readers will find the texts greatly enhanced for their convenience by prefacing notes and a short essay on the books’ importance. Helpful footnotes keep readers immersed in the narrative but do not overwhelm the text. A brief note about the author caps things off and leads into the back matter, where discussion questions and further suggested reading of the era are offered. Perfectly poised to be useful for group as well as individual reading, this series is a fun new way to encounter the spine-tinglers of yesteryear.”

“Fans of literate horror… will be gratified.”
Publishers Weekly

“…set pieces waiting for Cecil B. DeMille or Industrial Light and Magic to bring them to life!”
Kirkus Reviews

“Like many Victorian-era gothic tales, these books will appeal to a wide range of readers… ensuring crowdpleasers from the past will continue to strike fear in the hearts and minds of 21st-century readers.”
Library Journal

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