Anatomy of Innocence

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Published by: Liveright
Release Date: February 21, 2017
Pages: 320
ISBN13: 978-1631490880

The Truth of the Wrongfully Convicted


Long thought to be statistical anomalies in an otherwise sound justice system, wrongful convictions happen with frightening regularity through advances in technology and dogged investigation. Nonetheless, very few people understand just how they happen, and more importantly, the consequences. Now the groundbreaking anthology Anatomy of Innocence, edited by Laura Caldwell and Leslie S. Klinger, tells the incredible true stories of over a dozen innocent men and women who were convicted of serious crimes and cast into the maw of a vast and deeply flawed American criminal justice system before eventually, miraculously being exonerated. Here, each “exoneree” is paired with a high-profile mystery and thriller writer (including Lee Child, Sara Paretsky, Laurie King, S.J. Rozan, Brad Parks and others), to produce a unique collaboration.  By partnering master storytellers with exonerees and their incredible narratives, and with reflections from Barry Scheck and Scott Turow, two of the most learned lawyers and legal scholars in the world, Anatomy of Innocence presents the tragedy of wrongful convictions like never before.

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